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COOLING services

Britt Air offers a complete range of cooling services to keep your system operating efficiently and keep you comfortable all season long.  Our services include:

  • Design and Installation

  • Replacement and Retrofits

  • System Repair

  • Maintenance 

Outdoor air conditioning units


The quality of your A/C installation directly influences how well it will perform throughout its lifecycle. Since 1999, we have offered professional system installation by licensed technicians. Whether you have a new home or want to retrofit your old system, we can handle your residential or commercial project from design through installation. We have a dedicated fabrication facility and can custom design your system to fit your needs. We recognize not every system has the same requirements. Whether you need a mini-split or a more complicated multi-zone system, our team of experts the right solution for your home.    


Even an expertly installed, well-maintained system will eventually need to be replaced. In general, once your system is 10-to-15 years old it is time to start thinking about scheduling a replacement. While a system replacement can be expensive, newer models are more efficient, better for the environment, and often result in substantial monthly cost savings.  We can help you find the perfect system for your home and budget.


When your A/C goes down you want it repaired quickly and correctly. Our team of expertly trained technicians can quickly diagnose your system’s problems regardless of what brand of equipment you have. We offer reliable repairs to get your system back up and running quickly. If you suspect a problem with your system don’t wait – contact us today.


Your A/C system needs to be inspected once a year. The ideal time for this is in early spring just before the cooling season. We offer a full system inspection to identify any problems that may arise when your system is up and running in the middle of the season. We also offer convenient, cost-effective, maintenance contracts to keep your units in top operating conditions.

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